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 ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019

The Academic Staff of the Master's Programme in Southeastern European Studies includes members of the Faculty of Political Science and Public Adminsitration as well as academic staff of other Universities and Research Centres, specialised on Southeast Europe.       

Dr. Aggeiki Dimitriadi, Researcher, (Course: Migration and asylum governance in South-eastern Europe)

Dr Thanos DokosGeneral Director, ELIAMEP (Course: Contemporary Turkey: Domestic and Foreign policy)

Emmanuella Doussis, Associate Professor, University of Athens (Course: International Law and Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes in Southeast Europe)

Dimitris Katsikas, Assistant Professor, University of Athens (Greece: Politican Economy, Crisis and Change) 

Dr Ioannis Kyriakantonakis, Researher (Course: Nationalism in Southeastern Europe)

Dr. Ritsa PanagiotouSenior Research Fellow, Centre of Planning and Economic Research -KEPE (Course: Economic Tranistion Pathways in Southeastern Europe: Disruptions, Challenges, Prospects)

Dimitri A Sotiropoulos  Professor, University of Athens (Course: Political Change, Democracy and Crisis in Southeast Europe)

Panayotis TsakonasProfessor, University of Athens (Course: International Relations of Southeast Europe)

Susannah Verney, Associate Professor, University of Athens (Course: European Union Enlargement in Southeastern Europe)

Nassia Yakovaki, Assistant Professor, University of Athens (Course: Interconnected histories: The Balkans and the Black Sea from the 18th to the 20th centuries)